Monday, July 29, 2013

Jamaica Week 2013

This is short, daily summary of our week in Jamaica

Fri, May 3: Left for the Charlotte airport at 4:00 am. Flew to Atlanta, then to Ft Lauderdale. Rode the S Florida Tri-Rail to West Palm Beach, where Barbara was waiting for me. David & Devene, Merle, Miss Daphne, and Dayna joined us for supper.

Sat, May 4: Flew to Montego Bay with Mother. Spirit charged us $50 for Mother's carry-on. While walking from the plane to Immigration & Customs, I saw a small child who was not able to keep up with her Mother/Grandmother/Guardian, so I picked her up and carried her. Had supper with Mother, Billy, and MK 'cousin' Jane at The Pelican Grill.

Sun, May 5: Attended morning service at Faith Baptist Church, pastored by Delroy Campbell, then afternoon 50th Anniversary service at Hillview Baptist Church (Program-PDF). I was privileged to participate in the service by reading the Scripture. All of the former pastors, both missionary and national, were represented and received plaques honoring their service. Stopped in downtown MoBay on the way home for some Devon House I Scream.

Mon, May 6: Day of Rest. Spent a few hours at Doctors Cave Beach.

Tue, May 7: Billy was teaching a class at Regent College of the Caribbean, so Mother and I traveled there with him. Took the A1 east (see Google Maps ) from MoBay to the B5, then south through the mountains. Passed through Albert Town, Christiana, and the Pickapeppa manufacturing plant before turning west on the A2. Stayed overnight with Mrs. Hanson, a long-time and dear friend of our family.

Wed, May 8: Continued west on the A2 down Spur Tree Hill to join the Clubines for breakfast in Whitehouse. They were staying at the Point of View Villa. Traveled further west on the A2, then north on the B8. Stopped at Fairview for a short while to greet many who were there for the 50th Anniversary Bible Conference.

Thu, May 9: Mother and I returned to Fairview for the Bible Conference, while Billy worked on preparing the final exam for his students.

Fri, May 10: Back to Fairview for the dedication of the new library building, with which I was very impressed. Attended a gospel concert in the evening at Hillview Baptist Church. While the sound system was being assembled, I commandeered a mic and told what I thought was a funny story. The audience seemed to agree, so I recorded a short version for YouTube.

Sat, May 11: Fairview Graduation (Program-PDF) at Hillview in the afternoon, followed by a banquet (Program-PDF) at the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort in the evening.

Sun, May 12 AM: Drove to Cataboo Baptist Church in St Elizabeth, where I was privileged to preach (MP3-46:24). Daddy was involved in the first building project for this church shortly after arriving in Jamaica in 1952. Read more about Cataboo in these posts:

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Sun, May 12 PM: Black River Baptist Church hosted a Memorial Service (Program-PDF) for my daddy. I read a tribute (PDF) for Jim & Edna Green that was written by one of their sons. They were the first co-workers of my folks, and my siblings and I knew them as Uncle Jim & Aunt Edna.

Mon, May 13: Returned to Ft Lauderdale with Mother.

Tue, May 14: Rode the train from West Palm Beach back to Ft Lauderdale. Return flight to Charlotte, NC, through Atlanta, then a ride on the shuttle home.