Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Election 2016 - Ramblings

For my first post of 2017, I present to the reader a chronological compilation of my Election 2016 posts on FB, as well as responses to some of my friends FB posts. I also have included a link to my previous blog post on the election.

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Jul 24 - from FB

So we were watching "Air Force One" this afternoon and I decided that i'ma gonna vote for Harrison Ford for President. He was downright Reagan-esque when he said "Get off my plane!" Almost the same inflection as "tear down this wall."

Get Off My Plane!

I expect that my support for him will earn me an ambassadorship - to Jamaica of course. My first task as ambassador will be to move the residence to MoBay, so that I can go to Doctors Cave for my sea bath every morning, before all them there ship tourists show up. My second task will be to build a Devon House I-Scream shop on the property, so I can have ice cream with every meal.

All 502 of my FB friends will be welcome to stay in the residence for a nominal fee, deposited to my account at the First National Bank of Cayman.

Thank you fer yer support.

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Aug 9 - Blog Post: 2016 Election

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Sep 6 - from FB

My wife informed me this morning that if either of the 2 main candidates is elected this fall she is moving to Canada. She further stated that if I, as a Canadian citizen, don't go with her (so that she has some legal standing for her citizen application), she will be rowing across Lake Erie, with the hope that Canada has a wet foot, dry foot policy.

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Nov 4 - from FB

A friend posted this meme to which I responded.

The fact that many so called evangelicals support a woman who supports the slaughter of unborn children in the place where they should be the safest - their mother's womb, proves that Christianity has nothing to do with their belief system - it's just a cover for left wing politics...

Many conservative evangelicals struggled with whether to vote for Trump, or to vote third party, or write-in, because of Trump's serious character flaws. He was no more worthy of the Presidency than Clinton. The difference for many came down to the party platforms - for life or for the murder of the unborn.

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Nov 9 - from FB

This meme struck my funny bone, forcing me to respond.

I received a call this morning from someone who I had a hard time understanding. At first I thought he was calling from Microsoft to help me with the virus on my computer, but then I understood that he was the Prime Minister of Canada.

He informed me of a fantastic business opportunity for Canadian citizens living in the US. In order to facilitate the vast number of Americans desirous of moving to Canada this week, I have volunteered to help with their transportation. If you are in this group, please send me $20 in non-sequential numbered $100 bills. I will take care of all the paperwork and will provide transportation to the US side of Lake Erie, where a high speed boat will take you to the Canadian side. Buses are leaving at midnight from a back lot near you.

If you think this is just a scam for me to make boatloads of money, you should call 1-800-OCA-NADA, and they will confirm the veracity of this correspondence.

Thanking you in advance, I am respectfully.....

Oops, that's actually a real phone number!

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Nov 10 - from FB

I read today that Clinton received 6M less votes than Obama received in the previous election. I have also heard it said that poll numbers are designed to discourage the voters of the party that is trailing in those polls. Since the polls incorrectly showed Clinton leading, I wonder if they had the opposite effect - rather than discouraging Trump voters, they actually discouraged Clinton voters from casting a ballot, as they assumed a win by Clinton?

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Nov 12 - from a friend's FB

"The idea to do a million woman march in support of Hillary sounds like a really really great idea to me. Let's do it ladies!"

Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President.

My 1st response: "Ignore the Electoral vote for the popular vote - will never happen. America would cease to exist as a nation if that were even possible. Anarchy would rule but maybe Clinton's supporters would prefer that to Trump!"

A third party's response: "That's why your opinion is about the size of your brain. Almost nonexistent. Popular vote should have always been. Not even Biblical. Line your mind up."

My 2nd response: "You are showing your ignorance of American history and why the founding fathers established the electoral college. Do a little research before you write nonsense on FB.

p.s. I am NOT a Trump supporter."

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And finally

It is common knowledge that Clinton won the popular vote by 2M over Trump. That vote difference caused an uproar by folks (like the individual above) who apparently did not pay attention in their Civics/Government class in high school.

If the system had been based on the popular vote, a single state, California, would have determined the outcome of the election. The New York Times shows that Clinton had almost twice as many votes in California as Trump (8.7M to 4.4M). The math from those numbers shows that in the other 49 states Trump won the popular vote by 2M.

Market Watch noted that "Under our electoral-vote system, American voters elected a national president, not California’s choice."