Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dr. Roberson - now with the Lord

Dr. Roberson was the Founder and President of Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN. I went to Temple in 1975 as an 18 year old, and felt sorely out of place, primarily because I was an MK. I only stayed 1 semester before being asked by Dr. Roberson to leave (that is a nice way of saying that I was expelled).

I returned 2 years later, stayed another semester, then transferred to Northland Baptist Bible College. There was a young lady at Northland that I had a strong desire to be close to. I stayed at Northland for a single semester, and moved back to Chattanooga to prepare for our wedding. Gloria and I were married in June 1979, started school that fall and only stayed in school for about a month.

We never expected to resume our schooling, but in 1985 I returned to Temple, with Gloria returning in 1986. We graduated in 1990 and 1991 respectively. For me it was 15 years after I had begun school.

I am grateful for the education that I received at Temple, and thankful for Dr. Roberson. It was always a pleasure to see him on campus and to shake his hand.

Dr. Lee Roberson Now with the Lord.
Report from Dr Roberson's funeral
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