Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My wife's graduation

Last Saturday (May 19) my wife graduated from Columbia International University (CIU) with her M.A.

She is the 6th member of our family to graduate from CIU -
my brother Billy (M.Div. '99),
myself (M.A. '99),
our daughter Sarah (B.S. '04),
our son-in-law Lee (B.S. '05),
our daughter Charity (B.A. '06)

Gloria and Dr. Murray - President of CIU

Gloria, me and Dr. Hulbert - the first school that Dr. Hulbert taught in after graduating from Dallas in 1950 was London Bible Institute in Ontario, Canada. My dad was a student of his back then, and both my brother and I took a class from him while we were in seminary.

Gloria and Dr. McKechnie


Garry Weaver said...

Congrats to your wife!

Lee and Charity Myers said...

Don't forget all the McCrum girls that went to CIU, Angela, Destiny, Cherith, Amber...

did we leave anyone else out?