Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cataboo Baptist Church - impact on Ed Morrell's life

In 1968, my father-in-law Ed Morrell, Jr., founded a mission organization – the Committee On Missionary Evangelism (COME). On their About Us page there is a link titled "Our History," which contains the following:
While on a seven week tour of the West Indian stations for Baptist Mid-Missions the following incident occurred. "Please Minister, we want to hear Dr. Morrell preach just once more." The scene was Cataboo Baptist Church. The year was 1956. Little did that hinterland peasant-farmer in Jamaica realize that he had lit a fire in the bosom of a missionary evangelist that was not to be extinguished.

Details surrounding the incident are too numerous to recount. But, God used a humble Baptist deacon to spark an agenda for world evangelization that has precipitated the salvation of thousands around the world in the past forty-five years.

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Thanks for the trip review.
Any word from the field since your return?