Thursday, September 6, 2007

Other blog articles I enjoy

Down the right left side of my blog I list some other blogs; those written by my family, those I visit daily, and those that I try to check at least on a weekly basis. There is a fourth category, which is not listed here; blogs that I visit occasionally.

Here are some posts that I have enjoyed recently:

Church Leaders Raise "Age of Accountability"
(Tominthebox – 09/05/07)
The article is satirical, but the discussion in the Comments is serious.

Challenged to Boast like a Christian
(Irish Calvinist – 09/01/07)

If They Call Worship Fun, Then It's Time To Run
(Old Truth – 08/28/07)
Some months ago I heard a preacher state that he liked to have fun when he preached. I enjoy preaching but would never describe it as fun.

Why Passion Leaves the Prayer Closet
(Big Orange Truck – 08/22/07)

A good critique of seekerized church life
(Founders Ministries – 01/10/06)
This post is more than a year old, but I just recently read it.

and the words to a great song:

The Mercies Of God
Jesse B. Thomas / Thomas O. Chisholm © Public Domain

The mercies of God what a theme for my song
Oh I never could number them o'er
They're more than the stars in the heavenly dome
Or sands of the wave beaten shore

Chorus: For mercies so great what return can I make
For mercies so constant and sure
I'll love Him I'll serve Him with all that I have
As long as my life shall endure

They greet me at morn when I waken from sleep
And they gladden my heart at the noon
They follow me on into shades of the night
When the day with it labor is done

His angels of mercy encompass me 'round
Wheresoever my pathway may lead
Each turn of the road some new token reveals
Oh for me life is blessed indeed

His goodness and mercy will follow me still
Even on to the end of the way
I have His sure promise and that cannot fail
That His mercy is mine ev'ry day

5 points and a poem - that's a sermon!

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Lee and Charity Myers said...

Hi Daddy!

I started a blogspot too!

Not much to read yet, but it is there. Figured I join yet another blogging crowd.