Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google Reader

There are a number of blogs that I enjoy reading, but there is not enough time to visit each blog every day to see what is new. So I divided those blogs into groups - those I read daily, those I visit at least once a week, those that I visit once a month. However, there are occasions when the daily, weekly, monthly reads don't have new posts. As a result I waste time visiting those blogs, time that could be spent eating a few bowls of Breyers Black Raspberry Chocolate ice cream.

Yesterday I did some research on RSS feeds and learned that I could subscribe to all my favorite blogs through a Feed Reader. I also learned that there are a few thousand Feed Readers, so the decision on which of them to use could be complicated. Since I already have a Google account, I decided to use Google Reader. I use the same login and password for Gmail, CanJAmerican, and now Reader.

Reader provides a "Subscribe" button that I added to my Bookmarks Toolbar Folder in Firefox. To subscribe to a blog I only need to visit that blog, click on the button, and approve the subscription.

The blog list is sorted alphabetically and all new posts are visible in Reader. Now I only need to login to Reader to see all the new posts. I like the feed idea so much that I have added a "Subscribe via reader" option to this blog. Now both of my readers have a choice of receiving my posts in their email or their reader.

This internet thing may yet catch on!

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