Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daddy's Funeral Service

The funeral service was recorded on an Olympus WS-110 Digital Voice Recorder that was placed on the pulpit. You may read the documents, or listen to the audio, by left-clicking the links, OR you may download the PDFs or MP3s by right-clicking the links.

Funeral Program: PDF

Page 1 is the front of the program, page 2 is the inside, page 3 is an insert for the graveside service, and page 4 is an insert with the special music lyrics.

We honored Daddy's WWII service in the Canadian army by concluding the graveside service with the Canadian National Anthem.

Welcome and Prayer: Brian McKillop (MP3 - 03:55)

Scripture Reading: Kieron Sharpe (MP3 - 2:50)


Tribute to a Beloved Grandpa: Charity Myers PDF - (MP3 - 06:00)

Tribute from the Association of Independent Baptist Churches, Jamaica: Billy McKillop PDF - (MP3 - 02:16)

Tribute to a Co-Laborer: Bob Clubine PDF - (MP3 - 09:21)

Remembrance: Billy McKillop PDF - (MP3 - 12:57)

Message: Mark Hunsburger (MP3 - 14:10)

Benediction: Jerry McKittrick (MP3 - 01:40)

This Tribute was included in an email sent on April 9th to the Baptist Mid Missions (BMM) family. BMM is the agency that Daddy and Mother have served with since going to Jamaica in 1952.

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