Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Colts vs Patriots

I think this was the only football game that I watched this season. Most often on Sunday afternoons I take a nap, read the paper, and watch football all at the same time. In spite of that I cannot remember watching an entire game (maybe that has more to do with my impending 50th birthday than anything).

It was a well-fought game and even had me on my feet a couple of times. The play that I enjoyed the most was the interception at the end of the game. The Patriots were looking to score in the last minute and a Colt (don't know who he was) intercepted Brady's throw. Now I don't know a whole lot about football, but I assume that players are taught that when they intercept a pass they should run for a goal. This player started to run and then it seemed like he realized that all he needed to do was to lay down with the ball. It struck me as very funny. One minute he was running hard and the next he was laying on the ground and his teammates were jumping on top of him.

My favorite football team has been the Tampa Bay Bucs, because during the 5 years that we lived in Lakeland, FL, Tony Dungy became the head coach and the Bucs started winning games. But we left Lakeland for Columbia and Dungy left Tampa for Indianapolis. The year after he left the Bucs won the Super Bowl, and have gone downhill since then. Manning was the QB for UT Knoxville during the years we lived in TN. So Dungy and Manning together cover 2 of the 3 States that we have lived in, and they both are likable guys.

I was planning on traveling to FL on Super Bowl Sunday and missing the game but I asked my deacons if they would mind if I was gone on Sunday, and they don't. So my plan is to drive to my sister's (she is older than me but reminds me that she looks younger) on Saturday (I will be fifty years and 1 day old). On Sunday morning I will go to my brother's church, and on Sunday afternoon I will go to my sister's church (my brother-in-law is Youth Pastor) for their Super Bowl party. My parents are in FL for the winter months, and my Mother's birthday is 5 days after mine. Some time that weekend we will celebrate her 85th, my 50th, my sister's graduation (Summa Cum Laude), and who knows what else. Sarah is going with me and Gloria will stay home to recover from the surgery she had yesterday.

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